Monday, May 17, 2010

Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 Available For Download

Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 Available For Download

New release of Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 is Available for Download.DEFT 5.1 Is Designed to analyse the effects of breakups and the definition of hidden,Lost data in the system.Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 distribution is based on Xubuntu,but it comes with a desktop environment.

New Features Added:-

  1. Update: Sleuthkit 3.1.1 and Autopsy 2.24
  2. Update: Xplico to 0.5.7 (100% support of SIP – RTP codec g711, g729, g722, g723 and g726, SDP and RTCP)
  3. Update: Initrd
  4. Bug fix: Dhash report (reports were not generated)
  5. Bug fix: DEFT Extra bug fix (a few tools did not work if the operator click on their icons, added the dd tool for x64 machines)
In the distribution is fairly complete collection of specialized tools from antivirus scanner nessus Switchers and tools to detect rootkits, before analyzers disc contents Guymager, Sleuthkit, Autopsy, dcfldd, ddrescue and linen. ISO-image DEFT 5.1 takes 698 MB.

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