Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moonlight 2.0 New Beta Version

Moonlight 2.0 Preview, open LGPL implementation of the specification Silverlight 2.0, developed by Microsoft in as an alternative to Adobe Flash. Volume change can be assessed and the size of the package with the Moonlight, for version 1.0 package was the size of 900 KB, and for version 2.0 - 8.8Mb.

Unlike Moonlight 1.0, using standard JavaScript interpreter, the new branch, a special virtual machine ECMA VM to run programs in C # and CIL-compatible languages such as Ruby (Iron Ruby), Python (IronPython) and Boo. Another difference is the possibility of establishing a separate GUI interfaces are not bound to the browser, support for the mechanism of isolation levels CoreCLR Sandbox (security sandbox), to significantly reduce the danger to the system in finding vulnerabilities in applications. To develop Silverlight applications prepared a special Moonlight SDK, based on Mono 2.4.

Moonlight 2.0 New Version

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