Saturday, May 15, 2010

PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta Now Available

PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta Now Available

The first beta version of the DBMS PostgreSQL 9.0Marked the transition from the functional capacity to detect and correct errors. PostgreSQL 9.0 is the first release with built-in binary data replication in real time, which enables hot backups and streaming replication.

In version 9.0, a large number of new features will allow developers and DBAs to broaden their use of PostgreSQL, including:

  1. New binary replication
  2. 64-bit support on Windows
  3. Support for Python 3 in in PL/Python and numerous PL/Perl improvements
  4. Uniqueness constraints for non-scalar data (exclusion constraints)
  5. Improved key-value data support
  6. Automatic join removal, optimizing for ORM-generated queries
  7. Improved LISTEN/NOTIFY allows fast internal database event messaging
  8. Anonymous procedure blocks with the DO statement
  9. Conditional and SQL-compliant per-column triggers

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