Thursday, May 13, 2010

Qmmp 0.4.0 Multimedia Player Released

Qmmp 0.4.0 Multimedia Player Released

Qmmp 0.4.0. Available for download the first release of a new branch of media player with the "classic" interface based on Qt.


  1. Support http moved to separate module;
  2. Removed obsolete classes Qt;
  3. Updated Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Lithuanian translations;
  4. Many other fixes and improvements.
Main innovations:-

  1. Partly rewritten audio kernel allows a new opportunity;
  2. ReplayGain;
  3. LADSPA;
  4. CDDB;
  5. Ogg flac support streaming wma;
  6. 16-bit audio converter;
  7. Support built into the cover of fonts and cursors;
  8. Support for additional tags;
  9. Unified dialogue for editing tags;
  10. Ability to remove non-existent or duplicate tracks from the playlist;
  11. Zero output module;
  12. Mode of double the size of the interface;
  13. Notice KDE4;
  14. completely rewritten support for cue, eliminates gaps between tracks;
  15. Automatically detect encoding cue-files and icy-metadata;
  16. Balloon in the play list and system tray;
  17. Support for multiple playlists (tabs);
  18. Album art;
  19. Improved formatting of tags on templates;
  20. Quick search from the command line;
Experimental support mms.

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