Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bittorrent-Client Transmission - 1.93 Lightweight New Version

Bittorrent-Client Transmission - 1.93 Lightweight New Version

New version 1.93 compact and lightweight bittorrent-client Transmission. The program code written in C. To control produced several user interfaces: GTK +, Qt, Mac, command-line, daemon and web UI.

Version 1.93 fixes some bugs:

All platforms:
  1. Fixed a rare crash that arose when some peer-s suddenly become loose.
  2. Fixed bug: date scheduler download speed parsed correctly.
  3. Fix: magnet links that contain slashes, parsed correctly.
  4. Fixed crash when trying to update blacklist in the situation when finished space on the disk.
  5. Fixed slow preallokatsiya files on * nix-systems do not use ext3 or ext4 as a file system.
  6. Fixed regression and spoil the work setting "bind-address-ipv4".
  7. For further security, the web client is now disabled by default really.
  8. Updated library to version miniupnpc miniupnpc-1.4
  9. Transmission is now compiled and the version Curl 7.15.5. (Caused problems when building in the CentOS)
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