Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Download

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 Download Is Available now.Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is more secured and faster then the older version's.Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 Final is also available for the Download.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 download a fully functional 30 day trial for Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 using the direct links provided below, users can activate the free trial once downloaded by following the usual Kaspersky Trial Activation process to get a free serial key for the trial automatically.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Firefox 3.7 Download

Firefox 3.7 Download is available for the user's.Mozilla project released new trial web-browser Firefox 3.7.Firefox 3.7 is more secure,fast and reliable then the older version's.Firefox is the best Internet Browser In the World.Lot's of new updates in Mozilla 3.7 are :-

  1. Extensions Manager been completely reworked and is now a tab on your Web browser;
  2. Now you can change the location of the tabs and move it into the top box applications;
  3. Added support for an open video codec and multimedia container VP8 WebM;
  4. On the Windows platform was supported hardware acceleration O;
  5. Added support for infrastructure API Mac OS X Cocoa NPAPIUsed by the Flash Plugin 10.1 and Java plugin from Apple;
  6. Enables pending construction of frames to increase the speed of dynamic pages;
  7. Improved performance JavaScript;
  8. New built-in page about: memory shows the memory layout of a web browser;
  9. They began to formally meet the 64-bit versions for Windows, Linux and MacOS X.
  10. Added new HTML parserThat improves support for HTML5 (for example, now you can not make SVG and MathML, and add them directly to the source of the page) and allows you to get rid of many errors of the old parser. Added support for interfaces FormData and Control forms HTML5.
  11. Became supported CSS-tag :-Moz-any ();
  12. Added new ChromeWorker support jsctypes;

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Apache Software Foundation Adopted Six New Products

Apache Software Foundation Adopted Six New Products

The Apache Software Foundation announced that they have Six New Products in their Software Foundation.All Apache projects are managed independently selected teams active participants in the project.Project Management Committee is formed to oversee daily operations, including interaction in the community and issue releases.

Adopted Six New Products:-

  1. Apache Traffic Server
  2. Apache Mahout
  3. Apache Nutch
  4. Apache Tika
  5. Apache Avro
  6. Apache HBase

More Info At:-

For Linux Based OS DVD Player Bombono DVD 0.6

For Linux Based OS DVD Player Bombono DVD 0.6

Bombono DVD 0.6 authoring DVD open source Software New release is Available for Download.The program is easy to use and user friendly.Bombono DVD 0.6 Works with Linux Based OS.

Features of Bombono DVD are:-

  1. Real WYSIWYG Menu Editor with live thumbnails
  2. Excellent MPEG viewer: Timeline and Monitor
  3. You can author to folder, make ISO-image or burn directly to DVD
  4. Reauthoring: you can import video from DVD discs.
  5. Comfortable Drag-n-Drop support.
More Info At:-

Monday, May 17, 2010

Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 Available For Download

Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 Available For Download

New release of Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 is Available for Download.DEFT 5.1 Is Designed to analyse the effects of breakups and the definition of hidden,Lost data in the system.Linux distribution DEFT 5.1 distribution is based on Xubuntu,but it comes with a desktop environment.

New Features Added:-

  1. Update: Sleuthkit 3.1.1 and Autopsy 2.24
  2. Update: Xplico to 0.5.7 (100% support of SIP – RTP codec g711, g729, g722, g723 and g726, SDP and RTCP)
  3. Update: Initrd
  4. Bug fix: Dhash report (reports were not generated)
  5. Bug fix: DEFT Extra bug fix (a few tools did not work if the operator click on their icons, added the dd tool for x64 machines)
In the distribution is fairly complete collection of specialized tools from antivirus scanner nessus Switchers and tools to detect rootkits, before analyzers disc contents Guymager, Sleuthkit, Autopsy, dcfldd, ddrescue and linen. ISO-image DEFT 5.1 takes 698 MB.

Opera 10.53 Beta for Linux and FreeBSD Released

Opera 10.53 Beta for Linux and FreeBSD Released

First Beta version of Evenes for Linux and FreeBSD Available for Download.Opera 10.5 works without the use of the library Qt,Compared to previous versions of Opera can now be more closely fit in the KDE and Gnome, and also uses standard dialogues to work with files.

Major improvements Opera 10.5: New integrated JavaScript-engine Carakan, featuring significant increase productivity; added support for HTML5 tag Video; ability to run web-widgets as separate applications. For a complete list of innovations can be seen in announcement the first test version.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bittorrent-Client Transmission - 1.93 Lightweight New Version

Bittorrent-Client Transmission - 1.93 Lightweight New Version

New version 1.93 compact and lightweight bittorrent-client Transmission. The program code written in C. To control produced several user interfaces: GTK +, Qt, Mac, command-line, daemon and web UI.

Version 1.93 fixes some bugs:

All platforms:
  1. Fixed a rare crash that arose when some peer-s suddenly become loose.
  2. Fixed bug: date scheduler download speed parsed correctly.
  3. Fix: magnet links that contain slashes, parsed correctly.
  4. Fixed crash when trying to update blacklist in the situation when finished space on the disk.
  5. Fixed slow preallokatsiya files on * nix-systems do not use ext3 or ext4 as a file system.
  6. Fixed regression and spoil the work setting "bind-address-ipv4".
  7. For further security, the web client is now disabled by default really.
  8. Updated library to version miniupnpc miniupnpc-1.4
  9. Transmission is now compiled and the version Curl 7.15.5. (Caused problems when building in the CentOS)
More Info at:-

PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta Now Available

PostgreSQL 9.0 Beta Now Available

The first beta version of the DBMS PostgreSQL 9.0Marked the transition from the functional capacity to detect and correct errors. PostgreSQL 9.0 is the first release with built-in binary data replication in real time, which enables hot backups and streaming replication.

In version 9.0, a large number of new features will allow developers and DBAs to broaden their use of PostgreSQL, including:

  1. New binary replication
  2. 64-bit support on Windows
  3. Support for Python 3 in in PL/Python and numerous PL/Perl improvements
  4. Uniqueness constraints for non-scalar data (exclusion constraints)
  5. Improved key-value data support
  6. Automatic join removal, optimizing for ORM-generated queries
  7. Improved LISTEN/NOTIFY allows fast internal database event messaging
  8. Anonymous procedure blocks with the DO statement
  9. Conditional and SQL-compliant per-column triggers

Linux-distributions Lubuntu 10.04 and EasyPeasy 1.6 New versions

Linux-distributions Lubuntu 10.04 and EasyPeasy 1.6 New versions

Lubuntu 10.04, lightweight assembly Ubuntu 10.04 c desktop-based desktop environment LXDE.It's designed to be a lightweight and easy-to-use desktop environment.While supporting the work in the Live-mode, is 521 MB. The purpose of Lubuntu - creating undemanding to system resources variant Ubuntu, lighter than Xubuntu and able to work on older PCs with 128 MB of RAM.

Of the applications included in the basic delivery, it may be noted:

  1. File Manager Pcmanfm 0.9.5 (rewritten to trigger gio / gvfs);
  2. Web-browser Chromium,
  3. Display manager Lxdm,
  4. Paint program MTPaint,
  5. Viewer PDF - ePDFView,
  6. Music Player Aqualung,
  7. Video player Gnome-mplayer,
  8. Software for recording CD / DVD - xfBurn.
  9. E-mail client Sylpheed,
  10. Program for instant messaging Pidgin,
  11. Bittorrent-client Transmission,
  12. Spreadsheet Gnumeric,
  13. Text editor Abiword,
  14. Program for viewing photos GPicView

More Info at :-

Friday, May 14, 2010

OpenSUSE 11.3 Release Available for Download.

Release Available for Download

M6 is the first release during the “Stablizing Freeze”: focus has transitioned away from the inclusion of new features and applications toward increasing stability and usability.Compared with the previous release fixed many serious bugs, including segmentation faults in zypper, does not allow for 64-bit version of the distribution. Instead, the driver xf86-video-radeonhd graphics cards ATI / AMD is now the default xf86-video-ati-enabled KMS / DRI.leading up to openSUSE 11.3 release in July, is now available for download.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yoper Linux New Version 2010 Released

Yoper Linux New Version 2010 Released

Yoper 2010, independently developed Linux-distro optimized for use on desktop systems.A well tuned 2.6.33 kernel with focus on desktop interactivity and rich driver functionality.It contains an alternative CPU scheduler which is aimed at the average desktop CPU, instead of the broad range of CPUs the main kernel scheduler has to support.

Interestingly, in 2003 Yoper Linux entered the top ten most popular Linux-distributions for rating DistroWatch, Ahead of such distributions, like SUSE and Slackware. Yoper 2010 available 5 assemblies: kde4 (675 MB), kde3 (555 MB), lxde (378 MB), slim (124Mb) and xfce (354 MB).

Linux distribution Ultimate Edition 2.6 Newest Release

Linux distribution Ultimate Edition 2.6 Newest Release

What is Ultimate Edition 2.6? Released release Linux distribution Ultimate Edition 2.6, which is a LiveDVD assembly Ubuntu 10.04 with the correct selection of predefined packages for those who do not have access to the Internet or those who want to obtain an expanded set of programs immediately after installation.

It will be my main O/S for some time to come. It is lightning fast.Size iso-image is 2.3 GB.The distribution includes the best applications for shells XFCE, Gnome and KDE, with a choice of the desired user desktop environment when logging into the system.Compared with previous editions of the integrated applications LiveDVD Cheese, Cinelerra, K3b and Kdenlive.

Qmmp 0.4.0 Multimedia Player Released

Qmmp 0.4.0 Multimedia Player Released

Qmmp 0.4.0. Available for download the first release of a new branch of media player with the "classic" interface based on Qt.


  1. Support http moved to separate module;
  2. Removed obsolete classes Qt;
  3. Updated Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Lithuanian translations;
  4. Many other fixes and improvements.
Main innovations:-

  1. Partly rewritten audio kernel allows a new opportunity;
  2. ReplayGain;
  3. LADSPA;
  4. CDDB;
  5. Ogg flac support streaming wma;
  6. 16-bit audio converter;
  7. Support built into the cover of fonts and cursors;
  8. Support for additional tags;
  9. Unified dialogue for editing tags;
  10. Ability to remove non-existent or duplicate tracks from the playlist;
  11. Zero output module;
  12. Mode of double the size of the interface;
  13. Notice KDE4;
  14. completely rewritten support for cue, eliminates gaps between tracks;
  15. Automatically detect encoding cue-files and icy-metadata;
  16. Balloon in the play list and system tray;
  17. Support for multiple playlists (tabs);
  18. Album art;
  19. Improved formatting of tags on templates;
  20. Quick search from the command line;
Experimental support mms.

BSD Magazine Free Issue of May is Available for Download

BSD Magazine Free Issue of May is Available for Download (PDF, 3.4Mb)

  1. "MaheshaBSD: Live CD / USB distribution based on FreeBSD 8.0."
  2. "Setting up OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller with LDAP."
  3. "How-To: MySQL clustering on FreeBSD."
  4. "Configuring FTP on BSD systems."
  5. Browse the file system HAMMER, as one of the features DragonFlyBSD. "
  6. "An example of setting OpenBSD computer net4521 (133 Mhz CPU, 64 Mbyte SDRAM)."
  7. "Data Management for smart devices"
  8. "BSD in the industry"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

MythDora 12.23 Release Notes

MythDora 12.23 Release Notes

Linux-distro MythDoraBased on the basis of Fedora 12 and designed for rapid deployment of a home multimedia center based on MythTV 0.23-rc2. With this package, MythTV can turn your PC into a TV, VCR, CD player, photo album, a station for recording and watching a DVD.

System Requirements:

* A minimum of 512MB of RAM is suggested to use the graphical installer
* A hard disk of 15GB in size if you choose to use the default partitioning

General Features:

* Fedora 12 + updates
* mythtv-0.23-rc2+
* kernel
* lirc-0.8.6-6
* imdb-bulk-update-1.16

NVIDIA Video Driver For OpenGL 4.0 Released

NVIDIA Video Driver For OpenGL 4.0 Released

NVIDIA Corporation released for the platforms Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris Driver for its graphics cards with full support OpenGL 4.0 and GLSL 4.00.
The new version of OpenGL 4.0 compatible video card from nVidia Fermi. For older cards that support OpenGL 3 driver provides an opportunity to use OpenGL 3.3, and GLSL 3.30. In particular supports the following cards:

* For desktop PCs: Quadro FX 370, 570, 1700, 3700, 4600, 4700x2, 4800, 5600, 5800, Quadro VX200, Quadro CX. Chipsets GeForce 8000 Series and above; Geforce G100, GT120, 130, 220, GTS 150, GTS 250, GT310, 320, 330, 340, GeForce GTX 260 and above, as well as all products of a series of ION.
* Notebook: Quadro FX 360M, 370M, 570M, 770M, 1600M, 1700M, 2700M, 2800M, 3600M, 3700M, 3800M. GeForce 8000 series chipsets and above.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Viavre AntiVirus Recheck 4.10 Antivirus Live-distribution

Viavre AntiVirus Recheck 4.10

ViAvRe AntiVirus Recheck 04.10Designed to detect new viruses and spyware. In the composition of distributions 5 anti-virus packages: Avg, Avast, BitDefender, CureIt and Fprot. Distribution was prepared in two versions, with desktop environments KDE 4.4.2 for systems with 768 MB of RAM and with LXDE for computers with 256 MB of RAM.

Compared with the previous version of the supplies removed VirtualBox, k3b and McAfee. From the pack-in applications may be noted:

* Linux-kernel 2.6.31
* Firefox 3.5.9 c Flash-plugin
* pppoe
* A tool for partitioning disk partitions Gparted
* Midnight Commander
* The program to install on your hard drive
* rdesktop (control terminal session windows)
* x11vnc
* tightvnc
* wine 1.1.43
* unrar
* samba-client

Opera 10.52 Test Version For Linux

Opera 10.52 Test Version For Linux

Opera 10.52 Test Version Unix-like operating systems.t is noted that for the Linux platform will soon be released the first beta version.In the version for Linux is not yet implemented support for the press,there are problems with the font settings and processing of MIME-types. For a complete list of innovations can be seen in announcement the first test version.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flash Player 10.1 Beta Version

Flash Player 10.1 Beta Version

Flash Player 10.1 Latest Beta Version is Released.Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 software for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris.Users can try the release of Flash Player 10.1 to preview hardware acceleration of video on supported Windows PCs.Flash Player are available from the Flash Player Download Center on

PC Linux OS 2010 Free Version Download

PC Linux OS 2010 Free Version Download

PC Linux OS 2010 Distro Download Available.PCLinuxOS is separately developing a distribution on the initial path bases on Mandriva Linux with the integration mechanism of the APT package management Debian GNU / Linux. Distribution focuses on the use of Live-mode, but also supports the installation on the hard disk. PCLinuxOS is very popular in the west, in the rating it took 7 th place, only slightly below Debian GNU / Linux and Mandriva.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta-Version Released

Firefox 3.6.4 Beta-Version Released

Firefox Released a New Version Of Firefox 3.6.4 Beta.To increase the stability of the branches, is one significant innovation - the plug-ins (not to be confused with additions) such as Flash, Moonlight, or Java, the release of 3.6.4 will be performed in a separate process without affecting the stability of the main browser.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta Version

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta Version

Red Hat Enterprise is presented first beta distribution Red Hat Enterprise Linux.Recall that RedHat 5 was released in 2007 and will be maintained until the end of 2014, ie seven years - a kind of record for open operating systems.

Innovations in the field of time-sharing processes in the core Linux (tickless kernel) have allowed more frequent transfer processor core in a state with low power consumption.

New Service System Security Services Daemon (SSSD) is engaged in providing centralized management of user accounts.ELinux now provides the ability to run untrusted software in a sandbox so that the system was intact. This feature includes a job with the isolated virtualized guest among Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.

Simulator car racing Speed Dreams 1.4 Released

Simulator car racing Speed Dreams 1.4 Released

Simulator car racing Speed Dreams 1.4 Newest Release, With source code distributed under the GPL. The Simulator car racing Speed Dreams is a fork of the project TORCS and addition of new features, tracks, cars, increasing the realism of physical and visual effects. Support the implementation of elements of artificial intelligence are used to ensure participation in the races players.

The new version is updated, added a new physics engine Simu V3, added 3 new tracks. The next version promises to add support for the organization of races with a connection to the game players via Internet, to realize the night race and simulate the behavior of vehicles during the rain.

Monday, March 8, 2010


After 5 months since the last release before release of FreeBSD 7.2, available for architectures amd64, i386, ia64, pc98, PowerPC, and sparc64. To install the prepared iso-images of DVD, CD (3 discs), LiveCD and reduced image to install on the network.

Download updates:

Freebsd-Update Upgrade-r 7.2-RELEASE

Install updates along the way answering the questions
concerning the resolution of conflicts when you update the configuration files:

freebsd-Update Install
Reboot the System:
Shutdown- now

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Moonlight 2.0 New Beta Version

Moonlight 2.0 Preview, open LGPL implementation of the specification Silverlight 2.0, developed by Microsoft in as an alternative to Adobe Flash. Volume change can be assessed and the size of the package with the Moonlight, for version 1.0 package was the size of 900 KB, and for version 2.0 - 8.8Mb.

Unlike Moonlight 1.0, using standard JavaScript interpreter, the new branch, a special virtual machine ECMA VM to run programs in C # and CIL-compatible languages such as Ruby (Iron Ruby), Python (IronPython) and Boo. Another difference is the possibility of establishing a separate GUI interfaces are not bound to the browser, support for the mechanism of isolation levels CoreCLR Sandbox (security sandbox), to significantly reduce the danger to the system in finding vulnerabilities in applications. To develop Silverlight applications prepared a special Moonlight SDK, based on Mono 2.4.

Moonlight 2.0 New Version

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adobe Shockwave Player

Renewed popular player flash files Adobe Shock wave Player. Before Adobe acquired the company Macromedia, the player was known as Macromedia Shockwave Player.

With player can be viewed in a browser interactive presentations, training courses, play games and work with other content created in Macromedia Director. According to the company Adobe, Shockwave Player is installed on more than 400 million computers worldwide.

Adobe Shockwave Player

Friday, March 5, 2010

Play Free Online Games

My Real Games is a great place to play free online games, including online games,puzzle games,word games,Bike games and board games.

Play online games 24 Hours, with a great Collection of games. Play classic arcade games, Super Mario Bros, Spiderman and many more. Best action games such as The Foyle and dress up games (games for girls) such as Hannah Montana, Rock Star Fashion.

Here is the link.

MySQL Community Server 5.1.44

The Release of MySQL Community Server 5.0.81, a list of changes has corrected more than 100 errors of which 30 led to the collapse of the server process, and 2 errors were associated with correcting security problems.

But on closer examination most of the entries in the list of changes coincide with changes in releases 5.0.77 and 5.0.75, with a sample of the source repository found about 20 bug fixes. Download the new version in the source code in the form of binary assemblies for all popular platforms.

Here u can download According To your Operating System.